Colin Conwell

Researcher in Cognitive (Neuro)Science & Machine Learning
Curious about all things computational, aesthetic, animal and machine.


This site is a very preliminary work in progress.


Friends call me Coco. I’m a graduate student in the Vision Sciences Laboratory at Harvard University, working broadly in the areas of computational cognitive neuroscience and machine learning. As an undergraduate, I studied comparative literature and international relations. My overarching motivation in research is understanding how the mind makes meaning of the chaos that bombards our senses, and how we then communicate that meaning to other minds.

Outside of work (and sometimes at work), I live for the experience of beauty, embodied most particularly for me in peaches and cream, stark desert still lifes, evolutionary spandrels, one hundred forty beats per minute, adagio for strings, and buffalo sauce.

Project Pages

Under Projects, you’ll find a collection of pages providing short, sometimes interactive summaries of various projects I’ve worked on over the years.


Email: conwell[at]g[dot]harvard[dot]edu